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Our installation department specialises in creating and installing exhibitions. We work closely with museum curators and designers to ensure that the exhibition meets the museum's goals and objectives. Lab Media has a team of experts who handle the logistics of transportation and installation, ensuring that fragile objects are handled with care and everything is installed safely. We also have expertise in lighting and display, making sure that each object is properly showcased for visitors to see. Lab Media provides interpretation services such as labels, kiosks and interactive displays to enhance the visitor experience. Once the exhibition is installed, Lab Media continues to monitor and maintain it to ensure that everything remains in good condition for the duration of the exhibition. Overall, Lab Media's attention to detail and expertise in installation make them a valuable partner for museums looking to create engaging exhibitions for their visitors.


Degas & The Ballet

Graphic manipulation, animation of given stills, subtitle creation, projector and screen installation. Animation of 3D model.


Van Gogh

Animation of given stills, installation of projector and screen.


The Wiener Library

Creation of searchable media Kiosk, networking of display terminals, installation of lecterns, projectors and hearing loops.


Boosey & Hawkes

Video footage edit, subtitle creation and arrangement for this permanent exhibition for this internationally renowned collection of musical instruments at the Horniman Museum.


Turner Prize

Audio rework of Mark Leckey's Turner Prize winning entry. Mix included full 5.1 surround sound.


BBC Worldwide

Creation of audio logos for the BBC Worldwide platform.

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