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Verse Converse

Verse Converse is a truly accessible multi-media installation that enables complete strangers to create music purely from body heat. The participants are invited to enter a non-verbal space and to find the connections and conversations through other senses.


As a person’s body heat radiates upwards, so it causes a rotor above to turn, affecting a sensor. Each rotation creates a musical note. Up to twelve participants can enter the experience per session and, depending upon their differing temperatures, will compose a unique piece of music as a collective.


Coupled with specifically designed lighting, users see people create music as participants and then become the audience to the music they have created. Simply by being alive, anyone can passively and collaboratively compose a sound-piece based solely upon their metabolism.

​​At a time when social distancing and polarised arguments have damaged mental health and divided society, this is an opportunity for a variety of social groups and individuals to create beautiful harmony and contemplate each other's input. Participants will experience the beauty and harmony that can be created by the warmth we all radiate.

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